Appalachian State University encourages the use of innovative forms of technology to achieve the University’s goals of effective education, research, communication and operations. For the safety and privacy of our students, faculty, staff and visitors, Appalachian prohibits the use of drones for recreational purposes by anyone, and prohibits the use of drones by third-parties without affiliation with and consent from the University.

Faculty, staff, students, and third-party vendors who wish to operate UAS over campus for reasons of education, research, communication and operations can follow the process below to apply for approval.

Things to do before you apply to fly on campus

How to apply to fly on campus

  1. Read Appalachian's Unmanned Aircraft Systems Policy.
  2. Fill out the required UAS Approval Form, and submit it as an attachment to uas@appstate.edu. Please make sure to include copies of required licenses. 
  3. Your application will be reviewed by members of the UAS Approval Committee, and you will be notified of approval. 
  4. Please allow at least seven business days for the approval process. 

General rules to follow

  • Follow all State and Federal rules and regulations.
  • Follow Appalachian State University's UAS policy.